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Governance advice

As regulation increases Boards of for profit companies and not for profits are increasingly tasked with improving processes in order to ensure mandatory disclosure, transparency and, documentation maintenance. The roles of the Chief Regulatory and Compliance Officer and the Company Secretary is developing in Pakistan and trained human resource is difficult to find. Our Lead Counsel has significant experience in these areas having worked in highly regulated sectors like banking and pharmaceuticals.

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In House Legal Advice

Many businesses would prefer to have in house legal counsel for legal assistance and advice and yet due to cost issues cannot afford to have a senior lawyer on board. LGA provides bespoke customised legal advice on a retainer basis at your premises. This ensures not just fast turnaround of your legal work but also gives the business access to advice from legal professionals who understand the internal dynamics of your company by interacting directly with your managers.

Identification and mitigation of legal risk

Our lawyers have the experience of working with large businesses to prepare compliance systems and input on legal risk for the Enterprise Risk Management register. LGA can enable businesses to take a wholistic overview of legal issues in order to ensure that these are managed proactively.

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Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Many businesses face conflict within different management layers and in the extreme, even intra member or intra shareholder disputes. Unresolved disputes could have far ranging consequences for a business resulting in an extreme scenario of legal action by parties, which could jeopardise the long term viability of the business. Our Lead Counsel is trained in domestic and international dispute resolution techniques and can assist parties to resolve issues confidentially in a timely manner. Settlement agreements can also become enforceable contracts.


The Lead Counsel is an experienced trainer who works trains regularly with PICG, IBA and IOBM. Her areas of expertise are as follows:

  • Company Secretarial training.
  • Law for business managers.
  • Conflict resolution and effective negotiation training.
  • Gender sensitisation and training in the sexual harassment law, the code and its implementation.
  • Director development.
  • Board evaluation.

Customised programmes for profit and non profit organisations can be rolled out. Pricing and content are flexible.